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I am an experienced and highly-regarded free-lance bookkeeper, operating out of Asheville, NC (previously Santa Cruz, CA).  I offer remote services to businesses in a wide variety of industries.  I am efficient, organized, detail-oriented, knowledgeable, personable, and timely.  I specialize in Quickbooks Online and am very familiar with many payroll providers, as well as a number of POS systems and other ERP softwares. 

None of my clients have ever looked back!

Available Services

  • Full-Service Bookkeeping for LLC's, S-Corps, Self-employed individuals, and other business structures using Quickbooks Online

  • Quickbooks Online Setup for new or existing businesses 

  • EDD and Sales Tax account setup and management

  • Payroll using Quickbooks Intuit Payroll, ADP, Paychex, Gusto, etc.

  • Small business consulting on any issue about which I am experienced and knowledgeable (which include a lot!)

  • Budget support

  • Task/project management support and systems design

And SO much more!!​

Who am I?

After many years of teaching college ESL and Composition, a friend asked me if I would help him organize his books. At the time, all I had to offer was my fierce attention to detail, my love of organization, my detective's eye, and my ability to communicate. Now, many years later, I bring these natural skills -plus professional training, knowledge, and extensive experience- to my work as a bookkeeper, payroll administrator, and small business helper. 

Call me crazy, but I genuinely love bookkeeping! It suits my character, utilizes my strengths, offers me a practical way in which to help people, and allows me the flexible lifestyle I enjoy. My clients are all so different from one another, both as individuals and as businesses, and this is another aspect of my job that I love!

I am truly passionate about helping entrepreneurial individuals to set up, clean up, and manage the back-end of their businesses. To me, participating in and facilitating the professional independence of those in my community is an honor

I take seriously and feel grateful for every day of my life. 

If my story resonates with you, please feel free to contact me using the form below, or to give me a call at (415)-846-6840. I look forward to learning about your unique needs and seeing if I can be the one to help you move forward!



"Lauren took my small business from a simple, confusing Excel Spreadsheet, to a respectable QuickBooks file.  It's a relief to not be flying so low..."

-Matt L., Pioneer Tree Service Inc.

"Lauren has been a dream for our company. We have a complex payroll and she was fast to figure out how to invoice and do the payroll for 7 of our Spa locations with a myriad of employees. She really helped us at tax time too. It has been a life saver."

-Loma A., Spa Sante

"Lauren is reliable , trustworthy and pretty damn good at what she does."

-Sean C., Curry Bros Tree Care

"The most competent, reliable, honest Bookkeeper I have ever hired!"

-Mark D., Good Guy Builders

"Lauren is an intelligent, trustworthy and highly efficient professional who is a joy to work with.  She is perfect at delivering accounting services to a small business such as mine and I feel grateful to have found her."

-Alex S., Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, LLC

"Lauren is smart, intuitive, and always 10 steps ahead. She sees things before anyone else does and is able to communicate with anyone on any level with kindness, humor, and accuracy. She has saved my business on more than one occasion, and for this and many other reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend her." 

-Lisa C., Burn SF LLC


Lauren Holt, Bookkeeper

Asheville, NC

(415) 846-6840

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